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BMAC CEO announces retirement – Board begins search for new CEO

Tracy Parmer
Development & Outreach Manager
, blue Mountain Action Council
June 4, 2021

Blue Mountain Action Council (BMAC) announced today that its Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Covey, will retire on September 1st, 2021.

“After 40 years of service to BMAC, Kathy Covey has announced her plans to retire,” reports Cheris Current, BMAC Board President. “Kathy’s departure will mark a real loss for our organization, as her leadership was integral to our success. This was true throughout her career, but most apparent during her six years as CEO. In that time, Kathy led capital campaigns that resulted in the opening of the Teen Center and the new BMAC building, increased the profile of the organization as chair of the Chamber of Commerce, and shepherded BMAC through a time of uncertainty and growth during the pandemic.”

“These are of course just the highlights from a long career with BMAC where Kathy worked as Director of Community Services, in job training, and established the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program through a competitive federal grant application,” Cheris stated. “As an organization and a community, we are fortunate that she chose to dedicate her work life to BMAC. In doing so she helped to craft a strong and sizeable organization that is committed to meeting the basic needs of our neighbors, preventing poverty, and creating an equitable community.”

The BMAC Board of Directors has engaged Hagel Executive Search, a widely respected firm specializing in recruitment for non-profit executive leadership positions.

Through an intensive process of recruitment, evaluation, and facilitation with the BMAC Board, Hagel intends to complete the selection process in August 2021. BMAC seeks a strong, experienced leader who is committed to championing equity in our agency and in our community. The most competitive candidates will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the causes of poverty, especially in rural areas, and exemplify the leadership necessary to steward programs designed to remove barriers to inclusion and stability.

During the last fourteen months, BMAC has proven to be a critical foundation partner in finding innovative solutions for challenges in the Walla Walla Valley. “This last year has been the most challenging in all my career at BMAC but also the most telling about the resilience and generosity of our community. The dedication of our amazing team coupled with the outpouring of local support has allowed us to meet these increased challenges, while continuing to successfully serve our neighbors most in need. It is the BMAC staff, community partners and stakeholders that I will miss the most,” said Kathy Covey.

Formed in 1966, BMAC provides opportunities for individuals and families to achieve greater levels of strength, independence, and self-sufficiency through various programs serving low-income neighbors in Walla Walla, Columbia and Garfield counties.

Kathy Covey: BMAC CEO
Kathy Covey: BMAC CEO

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