BMAC is proud to announce the grand opening of The HUB on 3rd, Walla Walla's new Teen Center. Along with Youth Alliance partners Catholic Charities, Children's Home Society, and Thhe Health Center, BMAC raised over 2.2 million dollars to design and construct the building, which sits next to Lincoln High School on 3rd St. in Walla Walla.

The building is already in use by The Health Center, providing health services to students of Lincoln High School. Over the next month, the Center will begin to operate as a shelter for homeless youth as well as a childcare center for teen parents. Continue reading for more details regarding the scope of the services offered by The HUB.

The new center is approximately 6,200 square feet and includes the following services and partners:

Student Health Center
1,255 square feet for primary care and mental health services, including: shared waiting area; private reception room; restrooms; office; four exam or counseling rooms; charting area and lab.

The Health Center serves 100% of Lincoln High School students, three quarters of whom are eligible for reduced or meals through the US Department of Agriculture. Fifty-five percent of Health Center patients report living with someone with mental illness, 62% report living with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, and 40% report a time when they had nothing to eat or wore dirty clothes. This new facility is designed for The Center’s specific needs: exam rooms; a counseling room; a staff charting area, and lab area.

The Health Center will provide:
  • Preventive health care
  • Immunizations
  • Primary and acute health care assessment, diagnosis, treatment and referral
  • Age appropriate reproductive health care
  • Management of chronic conditions (e.g. Type 1 diabetes, obesity)
  • Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Assistance with obtaining health insurance
  • Preventive tobacco initiative
  • Nutrition and weight issues education and assistance
  • Dental and optical care coordination and referrals
  • Mental health screening
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Trauma counseling
  • Anger management education

Day Care for Low Income Children
1,807 square feet for childcare, parent support and training including: shared waiting area; private reception room; office; child and adult restrooms; baby room and changing area; waddler room and changing area; and toddler room. There will be a secure, age-appropriate outdoor play area.

Children's Home Society of Washington provides the Early Head Start Program, giving young, at risk children a better chance of success by providing early education and supporting parents in developing good parenting skills.

Children's Home Society of Washington will provide:

  • Early head start day care for 20 infants and toddlers
  • Family Advocates to support parents and increase family stability
  • Family education and training in nutrition, safety, positive discipline, etc.

Youth Center
1,875 square feet for BMAC Youth Employment Program, Trilogy Recovery Services and Catholic Community Services offices and group rooms plus shelter and service areas including: separate reception room; kitchen; dining/recreation; laundry; full restrooms; and two, 2-bed and two, 1-bed bunk rooms.

Catholic Charities will provide emergency shelter oversight; personal counseling; assistance with housing; and housing referral.

The target population for the shelter is 13–17 year old unaccompanied youth with no income. This group currently has no shelter options yet the need is high. They cannot be admitted into an adult shelter and often wear out the hospitality of friends or must choose inappropriate and unsafe shelter or none at all. We expect the majority of the youth to come from extremely low income families with many challenges that include: homelessness and instability; addictions; mental illness; and lack of job skills and education, often cyclic within families.

Blue Mountain Action Council will provide youth employment and training; paid and unpaid work experience; tuition assistance; and case management. BMAC’s youth employment program will provide a path for 15 -20 youth per year to enter the job market.

Trilogy Recovery Center will provide support to youth who struggle with substance use and addiction. Trilogy Recovery Services will provide recovery coaching and facilitated recovery groups for teens at the Center. Catholic Charities will provide counseling services. Trilogy will also provide group counseling in recovery support for teen struggling with substance use.

BMAC and the Walla Walla Youth Alliance will augment the core programming with educational workshops on nutrition, healthy lifestyles, financial literacy, parenting, and other subjects as identified by youth themselves as they receive services.


8:30am to 5:00pm
8:30am to 4:00pm
CLOSED daily from
12:00pm to 1:00pm

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