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Welcome to Blue Mountain Action Council
Blue Mountain Action Council is a local nonprofit serving neighbors in Southeast Washington who are experiencing poverty. We provide opportunities for individuals and families to achieve greater levels of strength, independence, and self-sufficiency.

BMAC is growing -- Now hiring for new positions!

New positions now open!

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Rental Assistance available for Walla, Garfield, and Columbia Counties

Walla Walla, Garfield, and Columbia counties' rent assistance program is currently operation per Proclamation 21-09. Please call us at 509-529-4980 to learn more and to get assistance.

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BMAC is growing -- Now hiring for new positions!

New positions now open!

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Did you know?
You can still apply for the Washington State Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC)! 

Am I eligible for the WFTC?
The Working Families Tax Credit has similar eligibility requirements to the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) – with a few differences. See if you qualify at: workingfamiliescredit.wa.gov/eligibility 

How do I apply for the WFTC?
You can apply online at : workingfamiliescredit.wa.gov/apply using the online form (English/Spanish) or a paper application, available in several languages.  

What if I have questions or need help completing the WFTC application?
Staff at BMAC are available to answer questions and to assist you in filing your WFTC application. Please call 509-529-4980 to ask questions and/or schedule a time to meet with a staff member.

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