About Us
Our people

Our Management team

Danielle Garbe Reser
Interim CEO
Rick Claridge
Margarita Banderas
Senior Human Resource Director
Erik Mora
Food Bank Director
Michelle Goodwin
Community Services Director
Sylvia Schaeffer
Energy and Rent Assistance Director
Barbara Maxwell
Community Education Director
Marcus Frey
Fund Development and
Marketing Director
Ted Koehler
Housing Services Director
Veaney Martinez
Pro Bono Lawyer Referral
Program Director

Our Board of Directors

Target Sector
Amie Peterson, Chair
Rubén Alvarado
Sergio Hernandez
Marilyn Melgoza
Analizeth Pesqueira
Private Sector
Cheris Current
Trevor Dorland
Adam Keatts
Noah Leavitt
Michelle Liberty
Public Sector
Rachel Anderson
Kip Kelly
Gustavo Reyna
Rep. Skyler Rude
Orinda Woods