Backpack Bridge Program

BMAC started the Backpack Bridge program to help students who receive free or reduced meals from their schools during the week but were going hungry on weekends. This affects one out of five kids in our communities. Now, thanks to local support, students in need can take home a food kit each weekend so they can prepare easy meals and a snack on their own. Your donations have made this program possible since 2017, and we need your help again this year to continue preventing childhood hunger in our region.

Please contribute today to buy meals that support a child’s health and well-being in one of 14 schools in five communities in our region. For just $24, a child can eat on weekends for a month, $48 two children can eat on weekends for a month, and $120 feeds five children on weekends for a month.

Set up a monthly gift today to make sure all kids who need support have enough food each month. With your help, we can prevent children from going to bed hungry this weekend.